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Swing Stage Safety Check List

Equipment should be inspected daily and checked by a competent person.

Safety Check List

  1. Ensure winch covers are fitted correctly at all times.
  2. Check roof rigs and ensure that no weights have been removed or components and/or structure has not been tampered with or modified.
  3. Check rope. The use of kinked, frayed, birdcage or otherwise is strictly prohibited.
  4. Check safe working distance from other swing stages. (do not operate if a collision is possible)
  5. Check all suspension devices.
  6. Use only Skyclimber specific rope.
  7. Make sure electric power source is "earthed".
  8. Do not exceed the safe working load SWL of the platform.
  9. Do not alter, remove or substitute any skyclimber supplied hoist or work associated components.
  10. When welding from suspended platforms it is advisable that precautions are taken to ensure that there is no possibility of the suspension rope forming an earth leakage path for the electrical current from faulty welding leads and thus damaging the suspension ropes. This is done by insulating the platform and suspension ropes from the structure also eliminating the possibility of the welder accidentally striking an arc on the suspension rope.

    Insulation of the suspension ropes and platforms is achieved by...
    1. Fitting rubber thimbles at top anchorage of suspension and safety ropes.
    2. Fitting insulators between the steel stirrup and the platform.
    3. The use of automatic wire winders to store the trailing end of the suspension rope.
    4. The use of rubber wall rollers to space the platform from the structure.
  11. In case of difficulty, do not use equipment until fully repaired or replaced.


Platform test Procedure.
To be completed by
Tubeway Scaffolding Pty. Ltd.

  1. Place weights equal to 125% of the rated safe working load SWL uniformly distributed on the platform.
  2. Drive platform until it is suspended one meter off the ground.
  3. Visually inspect all bolted connections on the platform.
  4. Inspect top anchorage system.
  5. Test skylock overspeed devices.
  6. Drive platform to top of travel and down again. During the descent that the emergency power cut off switches are operating and with the power supply off check that the emergency lowering system is functioning correctly by releasing main hoist brake levers manually.
  7. The platform is now ready for use. Before "handing over" and putting to work instruct all users in the correct operation, routine inspection and emergency procedures.

See the Work Cover Web Site for further safety details & guidelines Click Here



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